Great classes, Great teachers, Great atmosphere, safe and non-intimidating. The teachers and students are very supportive of one another. Teachers will push you to your limits and beyond. You will leave your class sweating buckets, tired (the good kind of tired) and wanting more at the same time.

JE B 09/06/2013 Google Review

All the bootcamp classes are challenging and fun, and the instructors positively push you to your limit. There is great support from fellow students and the atmosphere is energizing, motivating yourself to push harder when you think you’ve reached your limit. Despite the intensity, you crave to come back to another class as soon as possible.

Rose K. 09/02/2013 Google Review

Absolutely LOVE Urban Fitness Club – the trainers/staff, the atmosphere and the workouts! I highly recommend the UrbanFit KB Bootcamp class with Eric. Every class has new exercises to keep it interesting and fun, all while kicking my butt. Your first class is FREE so why not give it a try?

Sheena L. 08/30/2013 Google Review

The positive atmosphere here is contagious! The staff and instructors really make you want to come back time after time for a killer workout. They push you to your limit and you keep wanting more. By far the best group fitness studio in the city. It has a community centre feel and they make everyone feel welcome.

Eric N. 07/31/2013 Google Review

Absolutely the best way to get fit (and have fun doing it), before the summer. I’ve been doing it since October, and have made tons of friends and am in the best shape of my life. I used to be into the weight lifting and the casual running/biking, but this has been far more effective for me. The team environment encourages you to push each other to the limits, and for me, occasionally past my limits. With the variety of classes, you can’t go wrong!

James F. 06/02/2013 Google Review

There are many places you can go in the city to workout, Urban Fitness Club exceeds them all. Kickboxing, MMA, bootcamps, zumba, yoga….you absolutely get the most bang for your buck here. You will be drenched in sweat, heart pumping, breathing hard like a mofo. they will take you to the point of thinking you are going to fly off when you kicking or collapse on the floor if you have to do ONE MORE SQUAT….but they somehow leave you wanting to come back for more. I LOVE IT

Daniel B. 05/16/2013 Google Review

I started coming to the cardio kickboxing classes a few months ago on a groupon deal, and immediately fell in love with my experience. I have found the people here to be extremely warm and friendly – not only the staff, but the other members as well. I was not in great shape when I started, but I’m already seeing results, my energy levels are through the roof! I’m really surprised to see the lukewarm comments from other reviews here. I have never experienced anything other than a warm and super friendly environment – not only the staff, but the other members as well. The people in the kickboxing class that have been doing it for awhile are extremely positive and encouraging – A BIG help to keep you motivated. Don’t come to the kickboxing class if you’re expecting a walk in the park, or not interested in breaking a sweat. The instructors will make you WORK but you’ll love every minute of it. I really really like this gym. Its the first time in my life I’m actually excited to work out! There is no intimidation factor here – a welcome change from the ‘big chain’ gyms!

Karmen R. 12/08/2012 Yelp Review

Love this place! Great cardio kickboxing classes and Zumba classes. Always packed….i guess that’s a good sign? I book my classes online just like everyone else, I don’t found it’s difficult at all. They use the same booking software as all other Yoga studios. You set up an account and book a class, you will also receive an Email reminder on the day before. No annoying phone calls. Works for me! The zumba classes are great, they had some average instructors the first few months, however for the last couple of months, the Monday/Wednesday classes have been fantastic. Alejandro is fun, upbeat and can definitely dance! Denisse’s class is little slower paced, but great for ppl new to zumba or ppl want a lighter workout. I love both of them! Carido kickboxing class is the reason I come to this place. I have been taken so many different bootcamp classes around the city, no one teaches like Eric! You will get a great workout in the most efficient way. Every class is different, you muscle will always be sore not matter how many times you come here. I guess ppl may not like it if they don’t work out regularly. Even the beginner classes are great, the instructors (two girls) have really cool drills that will work every muscle group. It is so awesome they offer Yoga/Pilates classes too. After one day of hard bootcamp class, I will take a Yoga or Pilates class to give my body a break. It’s so rare to find a place can offer both worlds. They also have been adding new classes each month. It fits my schedule perfectly. I work downtown, so usually go to the 6:15pm class. If I work late or decided to go shopping after work, I can still go to the 7:30 or 8:45pm classes. Never miss a workout! Highly recommend!

Theresa T. 12/04/2012 Yelp Review

I have attended several classes and have enjoyed each one. It has a boutique feel that allows you to get to know other class participants. The studio is modern and clean. Instructors, Dean and Eric have a real talent when it comes to creating dynamic workout sessions. This is a great studio and I encourage others to check it out!

Genelle P. 12/05/2012 Yelp Review

I purchased one of those Groupon for this gym and OMG they are fantastic! I went there once and now I’m hooked!!! I registered online for the cardio kickboxing class and expected it to be one of those classes that do some cardio stuff, use weights and maybe some push-ups but this class really gets your heart beating and really gives you a workout! Eric the instructor took us through what I would call a mini “Tough Mudder” type exercise and then we got to kick the crap out of the shields and practice punching into our partners mitts.  I highly recommend this gym. Not only were the staff very easy going and friendly but they went out of their way to accommodate a few of us who were on the waitlist. They immediately sent us emails letting us know when the spots opened up and I was at the bottom of the list.

Jewelee H. 11/23/2012 Yelp Review

First off, the club is for anyone who is serious about getting in shape. That said, don’t come if you’re faint of heart and not willing to work out hard… Eric is tough and expects you to push yourself (though he’s not too crazy, so no need to be scared off either) There’s always been a good vibe in the classes and I get the sense that the teachers actually care about one’s progress – not something that can be taken for granted, but certainly something that I think us participants appreciate. Overall a great place to improve your fitness level, for beginners and intermediates alike!

Doron M. 10/15/2012 Google Review

I was in Vancouver to work for a year, and signed up to stay in shape.  At the year’s mark, my body physique completely changed, I had tight 6-pack and oblique muscles, strong and fast punches, increased core strength and hence balance.  All of which are great building blocks for my other hobbies and activities.  I owe it to a consistently motivated instructor and class.  Being surrounded by them kept me positive and energetic, of particular relevance to Vancouver’s dark winters.  Most important of all, created was a social environment of great friends that became like family.

Hadil E. 07/01/2012

I’ve been taking Eric’s class for almost 4 years, and I have to say it is definitely one of the best workouts out there!! His classes challenge you both mentally and physically as he pushes you to limits that you never thought that you could achieve! The classes are always fun and never repetitive like other kickboxing boot camp classes I’ve tried.  A great instructor and a great group of people to workout with! I really recommend taking one of his classes, you will not be disappointed!

Kimberley F. 06/29/2012

I love this kickboxing class! Eric Marcina delivers the right blend of high tempo cardio drills, challenging boxing techniques, and a toning & strengthening component to really make you sweat. After two years of taking Eric’s classes, I’ve never looked or felt better. He’ll push you harder than you ever thought possible and you’ll love every minute of it. Its fun, its effective, and you’ll be back for more!

Jocelyn P. 06/10/2012

I’ve been taking the bootcamp for a couple years now and have noticed a huge difference in my stamina, endurance and mostly my shape. I’m so excited to see the instructor has opened his own gym offering not only kickboxing bootcamps but also the chance to try pilates, yoga and even group fitness. I totally recommend.

Lucy L. 05/23/2012

I have tried lots of types of fitness classes in the past, but nothing can compare to Eric’s kickboxing bootcamp classes.   The classes are fun, innovative and challenging.   You will shred pounds and get in shape fast!!!  After taking the classes for a year, my fitness level has improved significantly.   I can run faster, I can hold my yoga poses longer, my muscles are more defined and best of all that my energy level has never been better!   I am so excited to see Eric is opening up his own health club that not only offer kickboxing classes but also other fun classes like Yoga and Zumba.  I cannot wait to try out all the classes!!!

Teri H. 05/05/2012

If you are looking for a fun, motivating, and dynamic way to get and stay in shape, look no further! Eric Marcina is about as good as it gets as far as fitness instructors go…he will help you find your edge, and give you that extra boost to work just a bit harder so you always challenge yourself – mentally and physically. I’m super excited for his new fitness centre, and can’t wait to try all of the different classes and find new ways to keep pushing beyond those mental boundaries that we all succumb to. Highly recommended!!

Jacqueline S. 04/27/2012

I’ve always thought that I was quite fit until I took Eric’s class for the first time.  Not only was it extremely challenging but totally rewarding.  I’ve been taking Eric’s classes for over 2 years now and trust me when I say that there is no other person better suited to  help you achieve your goals. Whether your goal is:  weight loss, body sculpting or total body fitness, there is no better place to go than Urban Health Club.

Trung N. 04/25/2012

Hey this is one heck of a class.  It really doesn’t matter what level you’re at, it’s all about pushing yourself, and you’ve find the right instructor to do this.  I’ve been doing Eric’s class for over 2 years, and I’ve got nothing but good things to say.  Don’t even hesitate and doubt yourself….. it’s mind over matter, and everyone can do this class.  Go as hard as you want, or as easy as your prefer.  The bonus, everyone’s really supportive in this class, and you end up with some great friends.  Come out and do this class, it’s worth it, and it’ll really change your life in a good way!  You always wanted that body… well here’s your chance!

Kent K. 04/20/2012

If you’re looking for something different, fun, and a great workout, look no further! The workouts at Urban health Club will challenge you but provide great results. Combining kickboxing-style moves with conditioning and cardio, I found this workout to be one of the best around. The new space is also amazing! I recommend this club to anyone looking for a great workout in a fun, friendly environment!

Caroline A. 04/16/2012

I have been in Eric’s class for 5 years and I am without a doubt in better shape in my forties than my twenties. Every class pushes you past your limits. You can accomplish more than you can imagine thanks to Eric’s excellent leadership. As far as instructor’s go he is top notch and he will help you achieve all your goals as long as you put in the hard work.  Do yourself a favor and sign up at Urban Health Club and change the way you look and feel. You won’t be disappointed!!

Dean L. 03/01/2012
High intensity interval bodyweight training is the biggest trend in fitness and Urban Fitness Clubs are your authority. Check out any award winning studio near you.