Group Fitness



Nowadays, it’s easy to get swept up in the bustle of our busy lives and end up putting our health and fitness on the back burner. It is even harder to find a gym or facility equipped with everything you want and need to keep your fitness on track. This is where Urban Fitness Club comes in empowering members to live fit and healthy lives is reflected in everything we do.

Why Be A Part Of Urban Fitness Club?

Vancouver Urban Fitness Club is a local community influenced facility that listens to the wants and needs of its members. Those who have many types of skills are assembled into one center to offer the community various options for a healthier and improved everyday life. Our main focus is to guide you to victory whilst providing the tools needed to allow you to flourish! We pride ourselves on offering exercise experiences which are both challenging and motivating, all while remaining to be fun and appealing. Whether or not you are an athletic competitor aiming to improve performance, or a person that purely desires to feel and look better, Urban Fitness Club offers the knowledge to assist anyone to be successful.

Members And Their Benefits

Members are also able to take full advantage of training in an inspirational and high intensity location that will assist you to attain full potential. Our aptitude to serve to practically every demographics, training courses for individuals, smaller groups and teams are what differentiate Urban Fitness Club from the competition. Why not get trained by highly qualified and experienced professionals?

Get Whipped Into Shape With Our Vancouver Bootcamps.

While there is no one equation or magic formula, to getting fit, Urban Fitness Club is more than capable to aid and assist anyone who is serious about it. Any time you’re a new comer to exercising, training to acquire a particular goal or simply seeking to lose fat, then Urban Fitness Club is the perfect location.
We offer Kickboxing, Circuit Training, Bootcamps, TRX, Core Conditioning, HIIT, ObstacleFit®, Barre, Self-Defense, Combat, Yoga, Insanity, Zumba and Pilates. Offering a wide range of various fun-filled programs with knowledgeable and professional personnel, there is no doubt that we can find something that works best for you.

So don’t waste time or money when it comes to your health and fitness. Stop by and find out more about Urban Fitness Club, and see what you’ve been missing.